- 2016 -


December 20th 2016
Discussed how Plato can help us cope with the challenges of 2017:


December 5th 2016
Discussed my book Plato and the Hero for the Art of Manliness podcast.

November 25th 2016
Guest Speaker at the Hobbes Philosophy Society of Malmesbury Annual Dinner: Philosophy and Democracy.

November 14th 2016
BBC Newsnight: Is democracy under threat? 

October 12th 2016
Gave a talk at the Off the Shelf Festival Sheffield: Plato and Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?

October 11th 2016
Gave a talk in Sheffield Cathedral: Becoming Like God: Plato and Ethical Ascent. This talk is part of the God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics series.

October 10th 2016
Gave the annual Borderlands Lecture at St John's College, Durham: Filling the Space Between: Plato, Interfaith and Faith-Secular Dialogue.

AUGUST 2016 – The Ideas that Make Us – Series 4

BBC Radio 4

9th – Episode 2 – Harmony
10th – Episode 3 – Narcissism (included in Pick of the Week from 25:24)
11th – Episode 4 – Technology

July 3rd 2016
Spoke about the ethics of indefinite detention for Refugee Tales in Canterbury, and took part in part of the walk along Pilgrim's Way.

June 16th 2016
Interviewee and programme development for BBC Four's Genius of the Modern World: Marx:


June 13th 2016
Spoke on a panel 'The Future of Thought' at Horasis Global Meeting in Liverpool:


June 9th 2016
Chaired Peter Singer discussing the moral obligations owed to strangers at Chatham House. The video of the discussion and audio of the Q&A are available on the Chatham House website and below:


21/05/2016 – Test Match Special

BBC Radio 5 Live

View from the Boundary

May 20th 2016
Chaired 'Is It All In The Mind?' as part of Sheffield University's Festival of the Arts and Humanities.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

19/05/2016 – In Our Time

BBC Radio 4

The Muses

14/05/2016 – Archive on 4

BBC Radio 4

Writer and presenter of 'No More Heroes'.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.


'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes – Series 3 (repeat)

26th April – Episode 1 – Psyche
10th May – Episode 3 – Irony
24th May – Episode 5 – Virtue

April 8th 2016
On-screen contributor for an episode of Channel 5 documentary Ancient Mysteries about Atlantis.


Live filmed interview on tax and morality for BBC World News Impact programme with Yalda Hakim.

March 20th 2016
Spoke on the role of Classics in WW1 at the Leeds 'Resistance to War' conference.

January 20th - 23rd 2016
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland: Panellist in discussions on the future of education, freedom of expression, and staying human in the midst of rapid technological developments. The debate on the future of education on the 21st Jan was filmed by Swiss TV and also streamed live.

February 13th 2016
'Forgetting To Be Me', a discussion of the importance of memory to our sense of self, based on the Forgetting to be Me panel from HowTheLightGetsIn 2015.

January 20th 2016
'What philosophy can tell Davos about educating for a better future', in the Conversation (and translated into German for Netzpiloten).

15/01/2016 – The Why Factor

BBC World Service

Writer and presenter of a programme on heroism.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.