Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield.

Was created the UK's first Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy in 2009.

Honorary Patron of The Philosophy Foundation.

CLICK HERE to listen to Angie's appearance on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

WATCH BELOW Angie's World Economic Forum panel discussion on the 'Future of Education' and closing panel discussion of the conference on 'Staying Human':

CLICK HERE to read "Why should we care about philosophy?" (Toronto Star),  about Angie's role as Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy.

CLICK HERE to watch Angie's lectures on Zeno from An Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy on iTunes U Sheffield University.

CLICK HERE to watch Angie's lectures on Heraclitus and Parmenides from An Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy on iTunes U Sheffield University.

CLICK HERE to sign The Philosophy Shop's online petition to the Government asking for more philosophy and critical thinking classes in schools (including primary schools), and for the safeguarding of adequate numbers of philosophy places at University and philosophy lecturers.

CLICK HERE for a discussion of philosophy in schools on BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive. This followed the publication of very encouraging independent research undertaken by Durham University, looking at the effects of teaching philosophy classes in primary schools.

Forthcoming public engagement events

December 1st 2017
Discussing Cynic philosophy on BBC Radio 4's My Life As... series. 11:00.

Recent public engagement events

November 13th 2017

Gave a lecture at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens (the lecture is co-organised by the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the British School at Athens, and the Institute of Classical Studies in London).

November 10th 2017
Discussed stoicism on BBC Radio 3's The Verb.

November 6th 2017
Chaired a debate on 'Cultivating Entrepreneurship: the Role of Youth' at the Horasis China Meeting in Sheffield.

October 28th-29th 2017
Took part in the Battle of Ideas in London:

  • 12.00: The Nation State in the Modern World
  • 2.00: Footloose Cosmopolitans or Citizens of Nowhere?

October 18th 2017
Took part in a panel discussion in the Festival of the Future City in Bristol (discussing Athenian democracy and its complex relation to philosophy and art).

October 15th 2017
BBC Radio Derby interview about whether we should study dead white philosophers (starts at 1h23m).

October 11th 2017
Took part in panel discussion in Derby on 'Should We Study Dead White Philosophers?' The discussion was a Battle of Ideas Satellite Event run by the East Midlands Salon. 

October 10th 2017
Took part in panel discussion in Sheffield Cathedral on Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide.

September 28th 2017
Gave opening keynote at the Ischia International Festival of Philosophy 2017 on Nationhood and Nationalism Today: a Philosophical Perspective.

September 21st 2017
Spoke to Marlborough College Classics Society on 'Democracy, Demagoguery and Plato'.

September 7th 2017
Interviewee on BBC Radio 4's The Ideas That Make Us: Gaia (repeat). 9:30am.

March 11th 2017
Gave a talk for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Showcase in Sheffield:

July 8th 2017
Spoke on 'Why Should Philosophy Be Taught in Schools?' at a conference in Birmingham on teaching philosophy in schools.

July 3rd 2017
Richmond University: spoke on 'Due Process and Ethics' as part of the Refugee Tales 2017 walk from Runnymede to Westminster to call for an end to the indefinite detention of refugees and asylum seekers in the U.K.

July 1st 2017
Blackwell's Bookshop Oxford: in conversation with Nigel Warburton in the Philosophy in the Bookshop series. 11:00-12:00.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

29/06/2017 - In our Time

BBC Radio 4

A discussion of Plato's Republic.

June 29th 2017
Wellcome Collection, London: took part in a Question Time style debate as part of the programme for the Institute of Ideas Debating Matters National Final.

May 26th 2017
Discussed Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Nietzsche on BBC Radio 3 The Verb.

May 18th 2017
Gave a talk 'Democracy: What Is It and Do We Want It?' in Sheffield as part of the Festival of Arts and Humanities in conjunction with the Festival of Debate. 18:00-19:30.

May 11th 2017
Gave a keynote in the Scottish Parliament in a public debate on nationhood and nationalism today.

2017-05-11 Angie Hobbs Scottish parliament.jpg

May 11th 2017
In an interview with The Reading Lists, discussed the books – non-fiction and fiction – that have meant the most to me.

APRIL 2017

'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes - Series 5

18th - Episode 2 - Time (postponed: May 29)
20th - Episode 3 - Gaia

April 6th 2017
Gave the keynote 'Socrates, Eros and Magic' at the British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference (Sheffield).

March 24th 2017
Talked on 'Philosophy and the Good Life' to the Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society.

March 16th 2017
Appeared on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme to talk about philosophy in schools.

March 16th 2017
Gave a keynote address at Cranleigh's School Philosophy Conference.

March 11th 2017
Gave a talk for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Showcase in Sheffield:

March 2nd 2017
Spoke on democracy at NamesNotNumbers at the British Library.

January 20th 2017
Discussed the origins of the demagogue in ancient Greece in the first episode of the Stance podcast (24m 40s to 27m 15 s).

January 18th 2017
New blog post: The Rise of the Demagogue – A Warning from Plato

December 20th 2016
Discussed how Plato can help us cope with the challenges of 2017:

December 5th 2016
Discussed my book Plato and the Hero for the Art of Manliness podcast.

November 25th 2016
Guest Speaker at the Hobbes Philosophy Society of Malmesbury Annual Dinner: Philosophy and Democracy.

November 14th 2016
BBC Newsnight: Is democracy under threat? 

October 12th 2016
Gave a talk at the Off the Shelf Festival Sheffield: Plato and Atlantis: Fact or Fiction?

October 11th 2016
Gave a talk in Sheffield Cathedral: Becoming Like God: Plato and Ethical Ascent. This talk is part of the God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics series.

October 10th 2016
Gave the annual Borderlands Lecture at St John's College, Durham 18.15-19.45: Filling the Space Between: Plato, Interfaith and Faith-Secular Dialogue.


'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes - Series 4

9th - Episode 2 - Harmony
10th - Episode 3 - Narcissism (included in Pick of the Week from 25:24)
11th - Episode 4 - Techne

July 3rd 2016
Spoke about the ethics of indefinite detention for Refugee Tales in Canterbury, and took part in part of the walk along Pilgrim's Way.

June 16th 2016
Interviewee and programme development for BBC Four's Genius of the Modern World: Marx. Available for one month on iPlayer.

June 13th 2016
Spoke on a panel 'The Future of Thought' at Horasis Global Meeting in Liverpool:

June 9th 2016
Chaired Peter Singer discussing the moral obligations owed to strangers at Chatham House. The video of the discussion and audio of the Q&A are available on the Chatham House website and below:

May 27th 2016

May 21st 2016
Appeared as Jonathan Agnew's guest for View from the Boundary on Test Match Special from Headingley.

May 20th 2016
Chaired 'Is It All In The Mind?' as part of Sheffield University's Festival of the Arts and Humanities.

May 19th 2016
Discussed the Muses on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg.

May 14th 2016
Writer and presenter of 'No More Heroes' for Archive on 4.

CLICK HERE to listen online.

CLICK HERE to listen online.

APRIL/May 2016

'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes - Series 3 (repeat)

26th April - Episode 1 - Psyche
10th May - Episode 3 - Irony
24th May - Episode 5 - Virtue

April 8th 2016
On-screen contributor for an episode of Channel 5 documentary Ancient Mysteries about Atlantis. Viewable on My5.

NEW: 2015 HowTheLightGetsIn videos

Thinking Dangerously, Living Differently

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

Fantasy and Reality

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

April 6th 2016
Live filmed interview on tax and morality for BBC World News Impact programme with Yalda Hakim.

March 20th 2016
Spoke on the role of Classics in WW1 at the Leeds 'Resistance to War' conference.

January 20th - 23rd 2016
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland: Panellist in discussions on the future of education, freedom of expression, and staying human in the midst of rapid technological developments. The debate on the future of education on the 21st Jan was filmed by Swiss TV and also streamed live.

February 13th 2016
'Forgetting To Be Me', a discussion of the importance of memory to our sense of self, based on the Forgetting to be Me panel from HowTheLightGetsIn 2015.

January 20th 2016
'What philosophy can tell Davos about educating for a better future', in the Conversation (and translated into German for Netzpiloten).

January 15th 2016
Writer and presenter of a programme on heroism for BBC World Service The Why Factor.

December 12th 2015
Gave a keynote on the philosophy of love at the LATE/BFI Winter Conference on Romance, Film and English.

December 2nd 2015
Gave a talk to the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow on 'Philosophy and the Good Life'.

November 19th 2015
Gave keynote lecture 'Designing the Good Life' at Central St. Martins, University of the Arts for their
The Bigger Picture series. 11.30am.

November 18th 2015
Took part in a panel discussion 'The State of Things in Philosophy of Education: Question Time' at the Institute of Education in London.

November 17th 2015
Took part in a panel discussion 'A Life Well-Lived?' for the Being Human Festival.

November 13th 2015
Took part in a debate on space travel and colonisation at the Science Museum.

November 12th 2015
Royal Irish Academy Public Lecture: 'Ancient Philosophy and the Contemporary Good'.

October 30th 2015
Gave a talk on 'Heraclitus, Identity and Change' at
The Pursuit of Knowledge Conference at Worksop College.

October 19th-21st 2015
Filming in Santorini for a new documentary on Plato's legend of Atlantis. Broadcast date tba in 2016.

Battle of Ideas 2015
Saturday October 17th 14.00-15.30: took part in a panel debate 'A Trivial Pursuit: Is Happiness Good for You?
Sunday October 18th 10.00: solo talk 'Plato: The Republic'.

October 9th 2015
Took part in a special recording of Radio 3's The Verb to mark National Poetry Day, discussing Wallace Stevens' debt to Plato (begins at 13:56):

September 2015
Frie Skoler interview on the value of philosophy in education.

September 28th 2015
Took part in two events at the Names Not Numbers festival in Oxford:
A panel discussion for the FT Weekend Breakfast: 'How to Find Meaning in the Modern World'.
A solo lunch talk: 'The Ethics of Money'.

September 25th 2015
Guested on BBC Radio 3's live broadcast of the BBC Concert Orchestra's 'Human Story' concert, as part of Radio 3's 'Why Music?' event at Wellcome Collection.

September 18th 2015
Interviewed about the Presocratics on Five Books.

September 5th 2015
Took part in a discussion of the migration crisis on the Today programme (starts 1.53.40).

August 12th 2015
Interviewee and script consultant on Genius of the Ancient World: Socrates.


BBC Radio 4

20/07/2015 - How Should We Live Together?
23/07/2015 - Plato's Philosopher Kings

July 1st 2015
Took part in a panel discussion and workshop What is the Meaning of Work? organised by the London Strategy Unit at The Trampery.

June 28th 2015
'We owe Greece a cultural debt, classicists say', a letter written with Bettany Hughes in support of the Greek people, with a number of notable signatories, appeared as the lead letter in the Telegraph.

May 28th 2015
'Video interviews give scholars a platform to discuss work', by Matthew Reisz.

CLICK HERE to watch video on the Ideas Roadshow website.

CLICK HERE to watch video on the Ideas Roadshow website.

CLICK HERE to download PDF.

CLICK HERE to download PDF.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

26/05/2015 - The Forum

BBC World Service

A discussion of myth.


Chaired Fantasy and Reality with Colin Blakemore, Richard K. Morgan, and Fiona Shaw.

Panellist in Thinking Dangerously, Living Differently on the role of philosophy in our lives with Adrian Moore and Mark Vernon.

Panellist in Forgetting to be Me with Margaret Heffernan, Mark Rowlands, and David Malone:

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.


April 29th 2015 - The Quizeum

CLICK HERE to watch on BBC iPlayer.

CLICK HERE to watch on BBC iPlayer.


April 25th 2015
'Sympathy, Reason and the Good Life: Why the World Needs Hume' at The David Hume Annual Dinner, Chirnside.

April 18th 2015
Discussion of philosophical notions of a/the 'good life' on BBC Radio 4's Campaign Sidebar with Hugo Rifkind. 11.00.



BBC Radio 4

06/04/2015 - What is Justice?
08/04/2015 - The Veil of Ignorance
10/04/2015 - 'What is Justice' omnibus


March 28th 2015
2015 Cambridge Graduate conference in Ancient Philosophy, keynote address: 'War and Strife in Ancient Philosophy'.

March 25th 2015
'Eros and Eudaimonia' at Brody House, Budapest.

March 24th 2015
'Courage and Risk' at The Trouble Club, London. 18.30.

March 12th 2015
Interviewed by Naomi Ackerman for the Telegraph'Teach philosophy in primary schools,' says academic.

February 12th 2015
Took part in a discussion of the morality of tax avoidance on BBC Radio 4's PM programme (discussion starts 17 minutes in).

February 1st 2015
Appeared on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

December 2014

'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes - Series 3

15th - Episode 1 - Psyche
17th - Episode 3 - Irony
19th - Episode 5 - Virtue

November 29th 2014
Took part in a conference on Stoicism Today at Queen Mary, University of London:

November 20th 2014
Spoke on identity and change on the Philosophy Bus in a Philosophy Foundation event to mark World Philosophy Day. Also took the part of Plato in a recreation of Raphael's The School of Athens on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral (organised by The Idler Academy):

November 13th 2014
Spoke on Women and Heroism at the Women and War Symposium at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. Angie's talk was filmed by Korean state television, who also interviewed her for a forthcoming programme on the current state of the Humanities in Western Europe.

November 2014 - A History of Ideas

BBC Radio 4

10/11/2014 - What Does it Mean to be Free?
11/11/2014 - Positive and Negative Freedom

Click here to read the Independent's review.
17/11/2014 - Why Are Things Beautiful?

21/11/2014 - Beauty and Morality
24/11/2014 - How Can I Tell Right from Wrong?
28/11/2014 - The Value of Conscience

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

September 9th 2014
Keynote address to the British Postgraduate Philosophy Society in Leeds: The Uses and Abuses of Philosophy.

September 6th 2014
BBC Radio 4 Archive on 4: 'No More Heroes?' (writer and presenter). Selected for Radio 4's Pick of the Week on Sunday 7th September. It was also chosen as 'Pick of the Week' in the Saturday Telegraph, and 'Pick of the Day' in the Saturday Times, Sunday Times, Saturday Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Observer, Saturday Independent and Radio Times.

August 13th 2014
The Birth of Love (BBC Radio 4). Available on the BBC website for seven days after broadcast. Selected for Radio 4's Pick of the Week on Sunday 17th August (starts at 6m 50s).

June 28th 2014
Spoke on erotic power at the Opening Weekend (June 28-29) of the Festival of Love at Southbank Centre.

June 7th 2014
Appeared on Radio 4 Today discussing heroism in warfare (starts at 1m 53s).


Took part in the following events at HowTheLightGetsIn festival at Hay-on-Wye:

May 24th 2014 - 12pm: Philosophy Bites Back (panel discussion of whether science has made philosophy redundant). Watch below:

CLICK HERE to watch online

CLICK HERE to watch online

May 25th 2014 - 4pm: The Greatest Adventure (panel discussion of romantic love). Watch below:

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

CLICK HERE to watch on the IAI website.

May 26th 2014 - 1.15pm: Fantasies and Lies (panel discussion of myth and fantasy).


May 14th 2014
Was interviewed for an article on Plato and the Atlantis legend for Lithuanian journal Prie Kavos:


May 10th 2014
Gave a couple of talks on Plato on Fame and Status at the Royal Court Theatre in London in conjunction with the new production of Birdland:


April 9th 2014
Spoke on Who Lied? Classical Heroism and World War 1 at the Classics and Classicists in World War 1 Conference in Leeds (8th-10th April):


March 8th 2014
Gave a talk on how ancient Greek philosophy can help bridge any faith/secularism divide at Malvern Science and Faith weekend.

February 19th 2014
Appeared on the Moral Maze, discussing the relationship between science and moral decision-making (interview starts at 25.30).

January 30th 2014
Discussed wisdom with Bettany Hughes on BBC Radio 4's The Ideas That Make Us.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

02/01/2014 - PLATO'S SYMPOSIUM

In Our Time (BBC Radio 4)

A discussion of Plato's Symposium with Richard Hunter (Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Cambridge) and Frisbee Sheffield (Director of Studies in Philosophy at Christ's College, University of Cambridge).

December 28th 2013
Guest on Radio 4 Saturday Live.


November 25th 2013
Took part in a Radio 4 Today programme discussion of the 'Live Like a Stoic Week' project being led by Professor Chris Gill.


November 20th 2013
To mark the UNESCO-led World Philosophy Day, introduced the Philosophy Foundation teaching session in the House of Commons:

Read a summary of the event on the Air Force Amazons blog.


October 30th 2013
Tolerating Intolerance - Public debate: Sheffield Salon in association with Off The Shelf.

October 4th 2013
Gave the Archdeacon Johnson Lecture at Oakham School (Uppingham and Oundle Schools also attended). 

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.


'The Ideas That Make Us' with Bettany Hughes - Series 1

17th - Episode 2 - Fame
18th - Episode 3 - Love
20th - Episode 5 - Justice

Part of the discussion of Fame was selected for BBC Radio 4's Pick of the Week on September 22nd.


September 16th 2013
Spoke on The Ethics of Money for the Winchester Kitchen Dancers WI.


September 8th 2013
BBC Radio 3 Private Passions interview with Michael Berkeley. Excerpt listed for Pick of the Week on Radio 4 (Sunday 8th). RIGHT-CLICK HERE to download, or listen below.


August 19th 2013
Appeared on BBC Radio 4's Monogamy and the Rules of Love. Also broadcast on December 4th 2013.

CLICK HERE to buy.

CLICK HERE to buy.


'Revealing the World Afresh'

New Philosopher #1 - Freedom

Article for the first edition of the New Philosopher  magazine in Australia and New Zealand.

Magazine launched August 3rd at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival.


July 21st 2013
Gave lecture on Nature, convention and society in Plato's Republic for the Academy of the Institute of Ideas Summer School.


July 13th 2013
Solo talk on The Erotic Magus: Socrates, Eros, and Magic  for The Wapping Project.

June 15th 2013
Solo talk on The Erotic Magus: Socrates, Eros, and Magic at the University of Warwick Book Festival.

May 29th 2013 
Discussed the ethics of tax avoidance on BBC Radio 3 Night Waves.



Solo talk on Erotic Transformations: The Power of Eros in Plato  at HowTheLightGetsIn Philosophy Festival in Hay on Wye.


Panel debate on The Death of the Hero with Ian Blair and Polly Morland at HowTheLightGetsIn Philosophy Festival in Hay on Wye.



The Economist Intelligent Life

Short piece on Plato's ethics of flourishing in The Economist Intelligent Life.

CLICK HERE to read the article online.

CLICK HERE to read the article online.


April 19th 2013
Talk to the Philosophy Society at Marlborough College.

March 21st 2013
Introduced a dramatisation of Socrates' trial at the HUB Westminster, plus a post-performance debate. 


March 20th 2013 
Interview for Sheffield University’s Alumni magazine, about my public understanding of philosophy role:

CLICK HERE to read the interview.

CLICK HERE to read the interview.


March 14th 2013
Introductory talk on Socrates before a dramatisation of Socrates’ Trial (based on Plato’s Apology) staged by the Elliniko Theatro Company from Athens at the Mossbourne Academy, Hackney (part of the Socrates Now project).

February 7th 2013
BBC Radio 4 In Our Time discussion on Epicureanism.


February 4th 2013
'Food waste: how much of it is consumer responsibility?' in the Guardian.

Food waste: how much of it is consumer responsibility? (The Guardian)

Food waste: how much of it is consumer responsibility? (The Guardian)


January 11th 2013
BBC Radio 4 Today programme discussion of food waste.

A selection of media and public engagement highlights

December 8th 2012
BBC Radio 4 Today programme discussion of the ethics of photojournalism (starts 1.54).

November 28th 2012
Discussion of the Seven Deadly Sins on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

November 15th 2012
Philosophers in the Marketplace, a public debate to mark World Philosophy Day and the launch of The Philosophy Shop.

2012-11-15 Philosophers in the Marketplace 2.png
2012-11-15 Philosophers in the Marketplace.jpg

November 14th 2012
Faith and Secularism: the Moral Resourcing of the Nation, a public debate in Westminster Abbey on virtue ethics and celebrity culture (with the Abbey’s Canon Theologian Vernon White, and Professor John Milbank).

Filmed for BBC Two Westminster Abbey programme on December 21st 2012 at 9pm.


2012-11-14 Westminster Abbey.jpg

October 25th 2012
Introduced Peter Worley's The If Odyssey at the British Museum.


October 21st 2012
Keynote speaker at the Centenary Meeting of the Philosophy Society of England, discussing the current state of philosophy, both within and without the academy (took place in Malmesbury in conjunction with the Hobbes Philosophy Festival, the main festival of Malmesbury's PhilosophyTown project):


October 11th-12th 2012
Gave the annual Joseph A. Reich, Sr., Distinguished Lecture on War, Morality and the Military Professionat the US Air Force Academy (USAFA), Colorado Springs; I spoke on ‘Courage and Risk’.

2012-10 Angie Hobbs USAFA Reich Lecture 1.png

September 19th 2012
At the invitation of the Mayor of Newham, took part in the closing debate of the Cultural Olympiad at Stratford Picturehouse: Is Religion Redundant in Modern Society? (with the Rev. Lucy Winkett and Claire Fox).

September 8th 2012
BBC Radio 4 Today programme discussion of French education minister's proposal for secular morality lessons in schools (starts 8.46).