A selection of Angie’s media appearances
and public engagement 

(Includes: television, radio, podcasts, press, live)

- 2015 -

December 12th 2015
Gave a keynote on the philosophy of love at the LATE/BFI Winter Conference on Romance, Film and English.

December 2nd 2015
Gave a talk to the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow on 'Philosophy and the Good Life'.

November 19th 2015
Gave keynote lecture 'Designing the Good Life' at Central St. Martins, University of the Arts for their The Bigger Picture series. 11.30am.

November 18th 2015
Took part in a panel discussion 'The State of Things in Philosophy of Education: Question Time' at the Institute of Education in London.

November 17th 2015
Took part in a panel discussion 'A Life Well-Lived?' for the Being Human Festival.

November 13th 2015
Took part in a debate on space travel and colonisation at the Science Museum.

November 12th 2015
Royal Irish Academy Public Lecture: 'Ancient Philosophy and the Contemporary Good'.

October 30th 2015
Gave a talk on 'Heraclitus, Identity and Change' at The Pursuit of Knowledge Conference at Worksop College.

October 19th-21st 2015
Filming in Santorini for a new documentary on Plato's legend of Atlantis. Broadcast date tba in 2016.

Battle of Ideas 2015
Saturday October 17th 14.00-15.30: took part in a panel debate 'A Trivial Pursuit: Is Happiness Good for You?
Sunday October 18th 10.00: solo talk 'Plato: The Republic'.

09/10/2015 - The Verb

Radio 3

Took part in a special recording of Radio 3’s The Verb to mark National Poetry Day, discussing Wallace Stevens’ debt to Plato. Begins at 13:56.

September 2015
Frie Skoler interview on the value of philosophy in education.

September 28th 2015
Took part in two events at the Names Not Numbers festival in Oxford:
A panel discussion for the FT Weekend Breakfast: 'How to Find Meaning in the Modern World'.
A solo lunch talk: 'The Ethics of Money'.

September 25th 2015
Guested on BBC Radio 3's live broadcast of the BBC Concert Orchestra's 'Human Story' concert, as part of Radio 3's 'Why Music?' event at Wellcome Collection.

September 18th 2015
Interviewed about the Presocratics on Five Books.

September 5th 2015
Took part in a discussion of the migration crisis on the Today programme (starts 1.53.40).

August 12th 2015
Interviewee and script consultant on Genius of the Ancient World: Socrates.

July 2015 - A History of Ideas

BBC Radio 4

20/07/2015 - How Should We Live Together?
23/07/2015 - Plato's Philosopher Kings

July 1st 2015
Took part in a panel discussion and workshop What is the Meaning of Work? organised by the London Strategy Unit at The Trampery.

June 28th 2015
'We owe Greece a cultural debt, classicists say', a letter written with Bettany Hughes in support of the Greek people, with a number of notable signatories, appeared as the lead letter in the Telegraph.

May 28th 2015
'Video interviews give scholars a platform to discuss work', by Matthew Reisz.

CLICK HERE  to watch the video on the Ideas Roadshow website.

CLICK HERE to watch the video on the Ideas Roadshow website.

CLICK HERE to download PDF.

CLICK HERE to download PDF.

CLICK HERE  to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.

26/05/2015 - The Forum

BBC World Service

A discussion of myth.

HowTheLightGetsIn 2015

Chaired Fantasy and Reality with Colin Blakemore, Richard K. Morgan, and Fiona Shaw.

Panellist in Thinking Dangerously, Living Differently on the role of philosophy in our lives with Adrian Moore and Mark Vernon.

Panellist in Forgetting to be Me with Margaret Heffernan, Mark Rowlands, and David Malone.

29/04/2015 - The Quizeum (BBC Four)

Available on  iPlayer .

Available on iPlayer.

April 25th 2015
'Sympathy, Reason and the Good Life: Why the World Needs Hume' at The David Hume Annual Dinner, Chirnside.

April 18th 2015
Discussion of philosophical notions of a/the 'good life' on BBC Radio 4's Campaign Sidebar with Hugo Rifkind.

April 11th 2015
Interview for the Yorkshire PostMy Yorkshire.


BBC Radio 4

06/04/2015 - What is Justice?
08/04/2015 - The Veil of Ignorance
10/04/2015 - 'What is Justice' omnibus

March 28th 2015
2015 Cambridge Graduate conference in Ancient Philosophy, keynote address: 'War and Strife in Ancient Philosophy'.

March 25th 2015
'Eros and Eudaimonia' at Brody House, Budapest.

March 24th 2015
'Courage and Risk' at The Trouble Club, London. 18.30.

March 12th 2015
Interviewed by Naomi Ackerman for the Telegraph'Teach philosophy in primary schools,' says academic.

February 12th 2015
Took part in a discussion of the morality of tax avoidance on BBC Radio 4's PM programme (discussion starts 17 minutes in).

01/02/2015 - Desert Island Discs (BBC Radio 4)

CLICK HERE  to listen on the BBC website.

CLICK HERE to listen on the BBC website.